Scott Brock for State Senate District 11
It's Time for a Change

A New Voice for District 11 Emerges

Idaho is at a critical crossroads. The wrong choice could lead to disaster for our great state, our party, and our county. It’s time for a change. Now more than at any time in our past, Disrtict 11 needs a Senator who will fight, who will truly represent YOU, and give YOU a seat at the table. It’s time for a TRUE conservative Republican.

Canyon County is the future of the Treasure Valley. Scott Brock is the future of District 11

With over 55 thousand new residents to the state, all of unknown political affiliation, it is imperitive to have a forward thinking, dedicated leader, and lifelong Constitutional Republican to set the path for the future. An Idaho native who has lived around the world, and knows exactly what is at stake.

This is your new Senator

The Brock Family of Middleton

Scott Brock

  • Idaho native, entrepranuer, multiple local bussiness owner
  •  Graduate of Emmett High
  • Former High Threat Protection Specialist with the US State Department
  • Combat Veteran
  • Avid outdoorsman
  •  Regional Director of Hunters and Farmers Feeding the Hungry
  •  Husband, father
  • Unapologetic AMERICAN


Hear what Scott has to say

A short introduction


I cannot do it without YOU

YOU is a word that will be repeated many times. That is because YOU are what matters. YOUR voice being heard, YOU being represented. YOU telling your friends to vote, This is YOUR election, YOUR seat in the Senate. YOU will finally have a Senator who will always listen, be available, and tow the line.  


I Do Solemly Swear
We need YOUR vote

The most important part of our society is our ability to voice our choice. No taxation without representation. This representation is chosen by YOU the voter. Make sure YOUR voice is heard and that the status quo is broken. Scott asks for YOUR vote to put him in the Senate and to work for YOU.


Vote Scott Brock State Senate

District 11 is ready for a change. Its time to think about the future, and that time is now.


Canyon County 

District 11 is ready for a seat at the table. Ready for a strong leader. Ready for Scott Brock