Scott Brock for State Senate District 11
It's Time for a Change

About Scott Brock

Scott is an Idaho Native. Graduating from Emmett High School in 1985 and enlisting into the military. (Military and Government Service on Duty and Honor page) Once he left the military for the 1st time, he started his lifelong journey of entrepreneurship. He became a Journeyman Farrier and ran a successful business for many years. He owned a farrier supply store, invested heavily in real estate, and has been licensed in 3 states. He has owned a busy retail gun store selling thousands of firearms, along with a firearms training business. He has been a partner in a decorative concrete company, owned a local insurance office, and currently owns a local publishing company and prints multiple newspapers. He also sells real estate helping landowners maximize their property values, along with running a fencing company. He likes to say his neck is red and his collar is blue, but is a highly adaptive, and skilled negotiator, and networker. He came from very humble beginnings, and now has the option to dedicate his time to preserving the Idaho way of life, and ensuring that Idaho and Canyon County stays red. He is a lifelong, outspoken Constitutional Republican, even at the cost of losing business deals because of it. Scott took his 1st oath in 1985 to defend the constitution and has recited that oath numerous times over his life, and leads by example when it comes to selfless service. Scott has been married for 14 years and has been with his wife for 16 years. He has two children, his son attends Middleton Middle School and his daughter attends the University of Kentucky. He currently resides in Middleton.