Scott Brock for State Senate District 11
It's Time for a Change


My take on education is very straight forward. For two plus years I have spoke publicly about trade school education. I feel we have as a society, put skilled trades on the back burner, or not on the burner at all. Instead we have focused on getting every child into pre-k and then college. I firmly believe that not every child out of high school has the desire or the capacity to attend college. Some go in the military, some go to work, and some go to college. In Idaho the numbers going to college is low. As a past high school coach, I can tell you that boys mostly look for options other than college. Girls think about college, but do not always know how they will pay for it, and look for other options also. I would like to put shop class back into schools. Art class is great,but I think learning how to tune a carburator or weld, or create with wood, stimulates the imaginiation and desire, and could easily propel a young student into a skilled trade school. Skilled trades training are available locally, and in Canyon County. Skilled trades come in many forms and easily put those who graduate on a less expensive debit ratio, and at the same time put them into a career that can pay well. It’s a win win. I will always push this agenda.

I do support the governor’s push for higher wages for teachers, however I want some form of checks and balances. I would like to see a return on the investment, in the form of higher graduation rates, and test scores. The pay raise should come with some form of accountability just like every boss at every business in America would expect from an employee. I do not want to see the state education department constanlty asking for more money. I would like to see tangible results for the improvements asked for. I do think school districts should be allowed to place impact fees on new construction, however, I want complete and total transparency and accountability on those funds. More money doesnt mean come ask for more money.

I would like to see more nurses, welders, lineman, mechanics, etc coming out of this great state.