Scott Brock for State Senate District 11
It's Time for a Change

All of the experience I have have comes from over 30 years traveling the world. I have worked in Washington D.C., I have worked in Pakistan, and many, many more places. I have owned businesses in Arizona, Virginia, Texas,and California.

Many candidates and newly elected politicians run on paper thin business resumes and some have very little work experince at all for that matter. I do not fault them, but in fact they are trying to make politics their business, and that in my opinion leads to corruption. politics is not my business, it is my call to action, it is the current way I can protect the Idaho way of live and value system for my children. 

To set the record straight, I am not a rancher, I am not a farmer. Those titles are meant to show the salt of the earth, hard working multi generational Idaho native. Well this Idaho native grew up working for those farmers and ranchers, doing the hard work they did not. I am truly self made. Zero family help, no one has left me entitled or supported me my entire life. I made it happen. 

I currently own the Midleton Gazette newspaper, Idaho Fence Masters, Spartan Group Real Estate, and Spartan Group Imports. I also started a small clothing company called NATIVE which is trademarked. Those businesses have all been since I moved back to Idaho after my retirement. Idaho makes it easy to get going for the entrepraneur. All of those mentioned are profitable current businesses. Please be sure to research your favorite candidate to see what they actually do for a living.

Now just because I am a business owner doesnt mean I am the smartest guy on the block. It doesnt mean that I am better than those out there working hard for a living for someone else. I have plenty of people who will attest to the fact that I have started at the very bottom when I came back to Idaho. I have been a line welder at Rule Steel. I have cleaned and serviced equipment for a friend of mine who does custom crop application, all while waiting for the right opportunity.

I have diplomatic level experince, in the Foreign Service, and rose to the rank of FS 3. FS 1 being the actual secretary of state. I have been in charge of hundreds of men in combat theaters,many whom are still my mosted trusted confidantes. I am formally trained in negotiations through Black Swan, and attended the Foreign Service Institute in Virginia. My college resume is based in Equine Science, and helped me achieve my journeymans certification as a farrier. I am extremely well versed in cattle and dairy, and can run almost any piece of farm equipment. I set chokers on a logging crew in high school, and like all kids from Emmett, threw my share of hay. I am completely at home on the back of a horse in the mountains. I am a very well rounded mixture of Idaho and the world.

I can balance a budget, make payroll, keep work coming in, and make do when needed. All of which comes from the responsibility of having other people depend on you. And more importantly,make sound trustworthy decisions on your behalf.