Scott Brock for State Senate District 11
It's Time for a Change

The term Political Refugee refers to someone who is fleeing an over-regulated, mismangaed, morally corrupt state, to move to a place more suited to the pursuit of happiness. To be frank those coming from California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, or any other growing number of Democrat ran states.

I for one welcome you. I also hope you move to Canyon County and help us keep the number of Repubican voters so high that ADA county will always have to abide by our rules. Now with that being said let set some ground rules.

We are REAL CONSERVATIVES here for the most part. We do have some RINO’S here and there but our moral compass is genuinely straight. Your level of conservatism and ours may be different. We managed to keep our state this way by voting the way we have for a long time. We plan to keep this state RED for the rest of history. So please folow our lead. We do not want gender studies, high taxes, legislators telling us how to live our life etc. We love God, guns, and we hunt and kill animals, and eat the meat. We take care of our lands, and above all we vote Red. Please keep that tradition. We are very worried you could tip the scale and take the last best place and ruin it. 

Now that we have that out of the way. Let’s be active in politics, know who is who, and put good people in the capital.