Scott Brock for State Senate District 11
It's Time for a Change

So let’s talk about our president. I have already heard from social media critics who are upset that I am not a Trump supporter. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I just chose to run my campaign based on local issues facing us in the state and in Canyon County, and not hang on the coat tails of the president, and wallpaper my website with Trump gear. So let’s clear the air.

  1. I have been a Trump supporter since he walked down the escalator and announced.
  2. Being a loud Trump supporter has cost me money, and friends, and tension among neighbors.
  3. I did not jump on the band wagon. On my personal social media pages I have backed him without question.
  4. I have a lot in common with the president. I am a successful business owner, and I am not afraid to set people straight. I do not sugar coat things, and I do not water things down. I tell it as it is. 
  5. I also, like the president believe that I can get things done quickly and efficiently. 
  6. Unlike the president, I will keep a tight belt on budget and not go on a spending spree. I am a hardline fiscal conservative and will treat goverment just as I run my businesses, lean and mean.
  7. I actively, locally campaign with the Idaho Republican Party for the president.
  8. I like the president will absolutely call you out if you are wrong or run your mouth and come at me with lies. This isnt my 1st rodeo, but I will not be slandered or lied about.
  9. I like the president put America 1st, but I will put Idaho and Canyon County a close second.
  10. I will continue to support our president, and personally believe that he is the best president of my lifetime. He is the only politician I have ever contributed financially to, other than myself, and like the president I am self funded.